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Only In Your State

Leah’s Downtown Diner made it to the list on Only In Your State!

Leah’s Downtown Diner can be found in McKenzie, Tennessee, located right on Waldren Street. The diner has almost perfect 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google, which only goes to show how loved this newly minted locale truly is.

Shockingly enough, Leah’s just opened in 2019. You’d think that this darling diner had been open for years, but it actually just began serving customers in 2019. Inside, you’ll find that the homey interior is great for groups and dates alike.

Lunchtime serves up sandwiches like Philly beef, Reubens, and BLTs. A side of bacon cheesy fries makes for a great addition to round out an indulgent meal. There are salads as well, and lunch platters boasting popcorn shrimp and country ham.

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